What We Value

If you have a vibrant presence, are full of excitement, have an eagerness to learn and grow and big dreams of creating an amazing experience for our customers, then you are the type of person that fits into our culture at Endless! We want people who truly live our core values by being themselves. At Endless, everyone brings a unique element to our company. We are industry-leading, eager, event-driven professionals who have a higher purpose beyond just collecting a paycheck. Still interested?

Working At Endless

This is a full-time position working at minimum 40 hours a week. Generally, we work within US hours however, we heavily rely on asynchronous communication as our team is spread across the world. We like to balance our company vision & goals with individual autonomy for you to do your best work possible. Due to the nature of our business within the events industry you may be required to work extended hours, holidays and weekends.

Endless has been a remote-only company since 2015. We want you to work wherever in the world that makes you happy, inspires you daily and helps you become the person you wish to be (but with a stable internet connection)! You will work with team members scattered around the world and across time zones to build a better culture and service. Remote at Endless means you are comfortable with technology and are inherently self-sufficient in problem-solving and digital communication.

Job Summary

Implementation Specialists work closely with Technical Specialists & Project Managers to bring events to life. They understand client needs and apply their knowledge and training of event technologies. Events include corporate events, social events and non-profit events. This position is responsible for:

  • Work with project management, technical direction, and account management on assigned projects to deliver all client expectations
  • Build event and registration platforms from entering in attendee information, sessions, exhibitors, sponsors, gamification, embedding live stream players, etc.
  • Keep projects on track to meet all established deadlines and communicate challenges
  • Track all hours associated with each project for accurate job costing
  • Provide exceptional support to virtual and hybrid event stakeholders during the course of the program via the platform help desk, support email, during pre-records, in breakout rooms and in networking rooms
  • Conducts event platform demonstrations
  • Create platform documents that inform and educate internal and external stakeholders
  • Setting up integrations between multiple event technologies
  • Schedule and host pre-recording sessions with clients and presenters
  • Generate shot layouts and basic graphics for templatized client streams
  • Prepare studio needs and setups for sessions
  • Attend client production meetings when needed
  • Create outstanding relationships with all stakeholders
  • Become a subject matter expert in event technology for events

Want to learn more about the job?

As you should know by now, at Endless, we love to learn & grow, so assuming you are excited about this opportunity and want to learn more about what makes someone successful in this position, we recommend the following resources:

Position Requirements

Let's be honest. When going down this list, if you can whole-heartedly say "That's me!," we recommend you apply. Otherwise, feel free to check our job page for other opportunities.

  • Bachelor’s degree and 1+ years experience in event operations
  • Previous experience in planning and executing virtual/hybrid events
  • Previous experience using event software such as Airmeet, Allseated, Bizzabo, Cvent, Remo, etc.
  • Previous experience with spreadsheets and formulas
  • Ability to manage 5-10 projects at any time
  • Passion, excitement, energy, humor, and the ability to convey this through video call, training tutorials, phone and email communications
  • Ability to educate clients on potential solutions to their problems and being a subject matter expert
  • Great organizational skills to follow-up with previous clients & manage details of events
  • Ability to work independently and remotely with little supervision
  • Fast and reliable internet connection & computer
  • Bias towards immediate action and results
  • Willingness and desire to be part of the foundation of a growing company
  • Strong fit with the Endless culture and unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction

Brownie Points
If you align with the following list as well, you are an ideal candidate for this role- please apply!

  • IT background
  • Livestreaming experience
  • CSS or HTML coding experience
  • Worked remotely full-time at a remote-first company
  • Project management software experience (Asana, Teamwork, Airtable, Basecamp etc)
  • Hubspot Sales, Marketing and Service experience
  • Inbound Certified, Inbound Sales Certified, and Inbound Marketing Certified
  • Sales Enablement Certified
  • Digital Event Strategist Certification
  • Experience in events specifically technical event production & audiovisual services for events

    Benefits Working At Endless

    Working for a rapidly growing, culture-based company allows each employee the freedom to work and provide creative input to help move Endless to the top event company in the world. That alone has been an enticing offer for our staff, allowing each of our members to expand and strengthen their skills and network. Here are just a few more reasons to work at Endless:

    • Full health, dental and vision insurance from United Healthcare & Beam
    • Retirement contribution programs
    • Work anywhere in the world that you wish
    • Flexible working hours (autonomous work with daily check-ins)
    • Unlimited vacation (with minimum vacation requirement) and sick leave
    • Advanced employee engagement and communication tools (Slack, Tandem, Zoom, Lattice, Dialpad, Google Workspace, etc)
    • Travel opportunities to work at our events alongside our talented event staff
    • Opportunities to create thought leadership content such as blogs, videos or podcasts to become an event industry influencer
    • Defined training program for the first 30 days of your employment including 30/60/90 day reviews and quarterly reviews after your first 90 days for continual performance evaluation
    • Opportunities to attend in-person and virtual conferences, workshops, industry accreditation and certifications for personal and professional growth through the company
    • Well documented employee growth tracks that lead to career advancement, compensation advancement and opportunities for professional development
    • Company socials, monthly all-hands town halls, all-company training, breakfast with Will Curran, new-hire buddy programs and many other team engagement initiatives to enhance the remote working culture

    Learn more about our clients

    Being knowledgeable and helpful allows the customer to trust you and provide the ideal service for your event. Want to learn more about our other clients? View our work page on our website.